Dave Blencowe

Developer. Entrepreneur. Enthusiast.

About me

Dave Blencowe

Developer, Entrepreneur, Enthusiast from Cardiff

Hi, I’m Dave. I’m a web developer based in Cardiff, UK and I love building web applications and doing other geeky stuff!

When it comes to working with clients I firmly believe that it is important to be a developer who can be relied on trusted to give predictably good results. I follow applicable standards and am constantly pushing to make sure that I’m using appropriate modern technologies for the task at hand.

I specialise in custom web application development using various technologies including PHP with CodeIgniter and Ruby on Rails.

When I’m not working you can often find me building electronic components or exploring the areas surrounding Cardiff.

My resume

work experience

2011 - now

Senior Developer @ SyntaxMonster Ltd

2011 to present day

Whilst working with SyntaxMonster Ltd I have lead a small team to develop a variety of applications using both PHP and Ruby on Rails.

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Junior Developer @ Cyber-Duck

June 2011 - September 2011

Junior PHP Developer working on The Knowledge Online

Whilst working with the London based digital agency Cyber-Duck I was involved in helping to build The Knowledge Online, The Knowledge Online is a market leading TV and film directory from Wilmington Publishing & Information Ltd.  The Knowledge is built using the CodeIgniter PHP framework and makes use of cutting edge technologies to take the existing data from internal Wilmington databases and pipe it through to the new website.

2008 - 2010

Junior Developer @ Orangeleaf Systems

2008 - 2010

Junior Developer at a respected digital agency

During my time at Orangeleaf Systems I was involved in working on several websites for heritage organisations within Shropshire and the surrounding areas. These websites were largely Wordpress based and involved building both plugins and themes in PHP to achieve the clients vision.

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Education experience

2010 - 2014

Computer Science @ Cardiff University

from 2010 to 2014

Computer Science with Security and Forensics

During my time at Cardiff University I studied a variety of subjects which provided a broad knowledge of computational thinking and theory.

Year 1 modules:

  • Architecture and Operating Systems
  • Computational Thinking
  • Developing Quality Software
  • Fundamentals of Computing with Java
  • Problem Solving with Python
  • Professional Skills
  • Web Applications

Year 2 modules:

  • Advanced Programming
  • Algorithms and Data Structures
  • Communication Networks and Pervasive Computing
  • Database Systems
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Object Oriented Applications
  • Scientific Computing and Multimedia Applications
  • System Design and Group Project

Year 3

  • Emerging Technologies
  • Individual Project
  • Knowledge Management
  • Large Scale Databases
  • Security and Forensics

2008 - 2010

Extended Diploma in Computing

from 2008 to 2010

Whilst at Shrewsbury College I studied for an Extended Diploma for IT Practitioners. Subjects covered included Computer Systems, Technical Support and Computer Repair, Programming, Computer Networks, Website Design, Computer Security, Games Programming, Games Hardware and Technology, Robotics and Control, Digital Graphics and Animation, Systems Analysis and Design, Project Management.



what i offer

As an experienced development professional I can offer a variety of quality services to my clients.


Whether it’s for a new, existing or potential project, I’m always around for a chat. We’ll discuss what you need and the best way to get it.


My hosting company will provide you with everything you need in one simple package. Quick and efficient. Like your sites will be when hosted by us.

Code Debugging

Time to ignore the crack in your code and patch it up. If some part of your site isn’t working, I’ll sift through the code until I fix the problem.

Website Maintenance

I can maintain and manage everything that your site needs. From updating scripts to upgrading speed, I’ll ensure your site is always up to date.

PHP / Rails Programming

PHP and Ruby are two of the more popular coding languages. I can build, fix or update your site in whichever you need.

Website Development

Need a website built? Not a problem. I’ll work with you through the planning, design and the building of the site. Together we’ll create what you want with no fuss.

Work Process







Get in touch

Got a project idea? Questions? Just want to chat? Use one of the methods below to get in touch!


  • me@dblencowe.com

  • (02921) 286 552